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Please share this video with your friends and prohibitionists. This short film produced, directed and edited by Wendy Robbins and The Marijuana Show is so IMPACTFUL Your Must Watch!

Florida Qualifying Conditions

Medical rules in Florida

Rick Simpson Oil Protocol

Protocal to make Rick Simpson Oil

Cure for Cancer - The Rick Simpson Protocol (1) (pdf)


Let the patients tell their story

Check out this great video

Man with parkinsons


Carter who suffers from a rare skin disorder.


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Cannabis wellness is different for many patients. Our goal is to help you determine what is best for yourself or loved ones with peer to peer information.


Patient Stories

Patients whom have treated themselves share their stories and successes. We understand the importance of educating you on the most effective ways to choose how to administer your medicine. 


Holistic Approach

Cannabis wellness is one piece of your health care. Learning what other things affect your recovery, from other patients . 

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