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logo-muv-black.pngMUV LOCATIONS

25% off 1st Purchase*
20% off Veterans
10% off Senior Citizens - 55 or older
20% off Cannabis Industry
Birthday Month: $25 off $50 purchase (one time during Bday month)

*2nd and 3rd purchase discounts available with physician referral card, card can be used every 210 day certification period. Participating physicians can be found on Muv website.

Delivery within 25 miles of store - free over $150, $20 other orders 

Refer a Friend Program - Get Referral Code in Store


1st Purchase: 25% off your entire order*
2nd Purchase:  $25 off every $100 spent*
3rd Purchase:  $25 off your purchase of $150 or more*

40% off Pediatrics
20% off Veterans and Military
20% off Recipients of Financial Assistance
10% off Senior Citizens - 65 or older
15% off Cannabis Industry
Birthday Month: $15 off one purchase $50 or more
2x Rewards Points Wednesday
Yearly Card Renewal: $75 off purchase $150 AND $25 off next purchase of $75 OR $25 off $75 

Free Delivery Orders Over $125

Loyalty Rewards Program 

*All 3 offers must be redeemed within a single 45 day period. Offers cannot be combined with other promotions or patient discounts. The First-Time Patient Discount is valid for patients who have not made a purchase at any Curaleaf location within the preceding one-year period.

VC_Logo_Blue_Final-min.pngVIDACANN LOCATIONS

1st purchase - $55 off $100 and free delivery
2nd purchase - 20% off
15% off Veterans
15% off Pediatric
15% off Physicians
15% off Cannabis Industry
Birthday: $10 off (must be rewards member - 1 year to redeem)

Limited delivery area - Free over $75

Rewards Program
Refer a Friend Program (Link available in rewards app)


1st Purchase - 25% off
25% off Veterans
15% off Cannabis Industry
15% off Young @ Heart (55+)
Birthday Month: 25% off one purchase

Limited (Free) Delivery

Loyalty Rewards Program


1st purchase - 15% off
2nd purchase and yearly with card renewal - $75 off order of $150 (to offset cost of ID card)
20% off Veterans
10% off Snap

$15 Statewide Delivery 

Loyalty Rewards Program (Trulievers)


1st purchase - $75 off purchase of $150*
25% off Military, Veterans, Retired First Responders*
15% off Recipients of Financial Assistance*
Birthday: $15 off one purchase (on bday only)*

Free Statewide Delivery

Loyalty Rewards Program

*Not currently valid for use on flower products, pods for PAX Era, or distillate products.


1st Purchase - 25% Off
2nd Purchase - $75 off $150  
30% off Veterans
20% off Financial Hardship - SSI or SNAP

Free Statewide Delivery
Next Day Delivery available in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, & Martin Counties for $25

Flash Sales - Text ‘GrowHealthy’ to 760-670-3130


1st purchase - 25% discount (and free vape pen w/ cart purchase)
2nd purchase - 50% off up to $200 purchase
3rd purchase - Buy One Get One
20% off Veterans and Spouses
20% off Cannabis Industry
Birthday Club - 2x Rewards Points (eligible up to 7 days after bday)
Silver Sundays - 10% off 55+ on Sundays

Free Delivery orders over $200
$25 delivery orders < $200

Loyalty Rewards Program

Intro discounts are valid for 90 days after first purchase.

No promotions are applicable to Rosin or Melt sales except Veteran’s discount, unless otherwise noted.


20% off First Purchase or $50 off $150
15% off Veterans
15% off Senior Citizens - 65 or older
15% off Recipients of Medicaid, Medicare, SSI, or SSDI
15% off Students
Most locations accept debit

No Delivery (coming later this year)

harvest-logo-tagline.pngHARVEST LOCATIONS

First Purchase: 10% off with signup email (in store offer changes & is typically better than email)
20% off Veterans
10% off Wisdom (65+)
Birthday Discount available (changes - see store)

No Delivery 

Some discounts may not be applicable toward flower sales. See store for details. 


25% off First Purchase
15% off Veterans
Birthday Discount available to Loyalty Program Members

Free Statewide Delivery (purchases over $125, $25 all other orders)

Loyalty Rewards Program


10% off First Purchase with Email Signup
15% off Veteran’s
15% off Compassionate Discount (Receiving Financial Assistance)
Accepts Debit 

Loyalty Rewards Program


1st Purchase - 15% off*
2nd Purchase - 20% off*
15% off Veterans & Dependent Family Members*
20% off Pediatrics*

*discounts cannot be used on whole flower 

Free Delivery Statewide


Spring Hill Location Coming Soon!
(Anticipated March 2020)